The Minolta SRT 202

Manufactured from 1975 - 1978

Apparently there were two models of this camera. The model "a" was very similar to the STR201 and was first manufactured in 1975.

The Model "b" (which began manufacture in 1977) dropped "MINOLTA CAMERA CO., LTD" which was imprinted top between the pentaprism and the rewind crank. The film plane indicator was moved from behind the shutter speed dial on the right, to the left between the pentaprism and the rewind crank. A black plastic aperture ring around the lens mount on the "b" version, replaced an aluminum ring that was on the "a" version.

In 1978 Minolta dropped the SRT202 model from it's line of cameras. It was their most expensive manual-exposure camera and they were just coming out with their automatic exposure XD / XG camera line.

This camera is thought to be one of the best cameras ever made. It is built like a tank, will operate without a battery, and has complete viewfinder information.

I would have to agree with that assessment. It is a joy to use and performs flawlessly. The camera pictured above is a "b" model.

These are a few scans that I made of standard 4 by 6 inch prints that were taken with this camera.